Personal artistic interview project with the photographer Frederic Aranda about lgbtq+ people in their fifties and over.
Tête-à-tête, 30 portraits of Swiss comic strip artists

Swiss Comics Artists Association, 2021.
Portrait of Fanny Vaucher
Bon vent !
comic page for the newspaper ''Journal des Bains'', Geneva. 2018
Mémé à Meyrin
Workshop with Guy Delisle about making a documentary with comic, Geneva. 2018
School exercise, narration based on a postcard. ESBDI, Geneva. 2018
Confined ghost
Geneva, 2020
Persona non grata
School exercise, narrative based on an exhibition seen at MAMCO. ESBDI, Geneva. 2018
La Cueillette
Workshop with the artist Dominique Goblet. ESBDI, Geneva. 2018
Fumetto Contest, ESBDI, Geneva. 2018
School exercise, ESBDI, Geneva. 2018

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